Developed by the EHRC this is a short briefing to inform and remind councils and councillors of their obligations under the Housing Act Wales 2014 and the Equality Act  – this is useful information to send to any publicly elected member in a local council who makes negative or discriminatory comments verbally, in writing or on social media, or organises and leads campaigns and protests against Gypsy and Traveller sites. Read it here:

EHRC – Legal Briefing on disparaging comments about Gypsy Travellers and.._



Housing (Wales) Act 2014 : understanding local authority duties under Part III of the Act

These materials were commissioned by Welsh Government and developed and delivered by the Unity Project (now ceased) for councillors across Wales to understand their duties to Gypsies and Travellers under the new Housing Act Wales 2014  – click here to see the presentation Housing Act 2014 Elected Member Training


Gypsies and Travellers in Wales : Tackling the Tensions Training Programme

Between 2014-17 Travelling Ahead worked with Dynamix  to support Gypsy and Traveller young people and adults to develop a set of training materials whilst skilling up  community members to co-deliver the training to over 300 people from Housing, Health and Social Services. If you’d like a copy of the handouts for this course please contact us

From the Dynamix Blue Print 2017 report:

The aim was to work collaboratively with Gypsies and Travellers to develop an innovative, participative course for professionals in housing, social services and health in Understanding & preventing discrimination of Gypsies and Travellers
This project was based on the following principle: The best way to tackle discrimination is to enable the people experiencing discrimination to bring about change.  It is better to do things with people than it is to do things for people.

“A very good course.  Very informative.  It challenged pre-conceived ideas of Gypsies and Travellers.”

“Very enjoyable and interesting course. Was nice to be able to question and have honest answers from someone from the Travelling community.”

From April 2017 Travelling Ahead will continue to support community members to deliver training to relevant groups – please contact us if you are interested.