Good Practice Project : Sites

Planning for new sites – children and young people’s views

Our Year 3 Good Practice Project will look at planning for sites – and children’s rights to be consulted on things that affect them.

Travelling Ahead will work with children and young people living in areas where a new site is being developed for them and their families and will make sure their views are included in the planning for those sites  – we’ll do this in a fun way working with cartoonist Huw Aaron

See below for the plan Huw did with young people from the New Leaf Forum with their ides for the new site in Cardiff – this has gone to Cardiff Council who have said that they think most of the suggestions from the young people can be included – in our Good Practice Project this year we will be following up that they are!

If you’d like us to come and work with young people on the plans for a site in your area please get in touch with us here


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