Hate Crime, bullying or discrimination: If you want to report something that has happened to you or your family click here

Hate Crime Awareness Week takes place in October 2016: here’s the latest resource from Travelling Ahead young people aimed at raising awareness of the impact of bullying and hate crime on young people – told through poetry and words of young people from Gypsy and Traveller communities in north and south Wales

Travelling Ahead’s Tackling Hate Crime Project started way back when young people at the National Forum made a film called Travellers Tales to dispel the myths about Gypsies and Travellers – here it is

The next step was young people talking to Travelling Ahead about hate crime and they made this short film that was shown at the Welsh Government Launch of their Tackling Hate Crime Framework

Since then young people have been making short films, poems and presentations which they want to be made available in training to teachers, police, councillors, schools and other young people – to get your copy of our Tackling Hate Crime Resource contact us here

Tackling Negative Media Guide – if you see something racist or are not happy about something that is written, reported or shared in the media  – newspaper, radio, TV or on-line have a look at the Guide to Challenging the Negative Media Reporting of Gypsies and Travellers – it was produced by the Children’s Commissioner for Wales’ team with help from young people at Travelling Ahead – they also made a short film that you can see here


Dispelling Myths: Challenging Stereotypes – watch this great film made by young Scottish Gypsy Travellers and find out more about their work here

Here’s a short documentary on Gypsies, Travellers and Racism in the Media

Travelling Ahead is now a Reporting Centre for Hate Crime, Bullying or Discrimination for any Gypsy, Roma or Traveller young people around Wales – we will help you report it or find you support to get things put right. See our Report Hate Crime Page

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