Travelling Ahead : A Welsh project working with young people from the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities.

Have We Met?

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  1. Have We Met?

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    Welcome to my first attempt at a Travelling Ahead blog. This has been developed, on the prompting of others, who want to know more about what the project does, who it helps, and the problems we encounter. I also hope that we may be able to use it to give young people that we work with a platform to talk about their lives.
    Blogs succeed and fail on the amount of times they’re updated and the amount of interest they generate. I will try to update any readers as often as i’m able but please bear in mind that it is an exceptionally busy project! In terms of generating interest, some of the questions I pose in these articles will be deemed controversial by some, provocative by others, but invariably aiming to get to the heart of inequalities that Gypsies and Travellers face.

    If you appreciate the articles that appear on this blog please share it through Facebook or Twitter, and also please leave comments. I’m always keen to debate the key issues so feel free to get in touch.


    John Davies
    Travelling Ahead Programme Officer, Save the Children