Young People’s Projects

Travelling Ahead projects with young people

Alongside our Regional and National Forum events Travelling Ahead works with young people across Wales on projects that aim to give you new opportunities and skills; have a say about things that matter to you;  and get decision makers listening to you – and making changes that YOU want to see in the services and organisations that you and your family have contact with like education, media, advice, bullying and hate crime support and accommodation.

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Our Youth Advisory Group will help us decide on what new projects we will work on

Between 2014-2017 we are carrying out a Good Practice Project each year on an issue that you have told us is important to you. Each project is based on young people having a say   – each project results in a report with recommendations from young people to improve things in that area. These are:

Year 1 EDUCATION – read more here

Year 2 PEER – read more here

Year 3 SITES – read more here