Travelling Ahead : A Welsh project working with young people from the Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities.

About Travelling Ahead…

From April 2017 Travelling Ahead moved over to be part of the Welsh charity  Tros Gynnal Plant. We are developing an Advice and Advocacy Service for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities across Wales – offering support to young people and now to families and adults on rights, having more of a say in decisions and tackling hate crime and discrimination.

At the moment there are four of us  working across Wales: Trudy Aspinwall ( Team Manager), Rhiannon Jones ( South Wales), Denise Barry ( West Wales) and Martin Gallagher ( North Wales)  – you can ring us or email us by clicking here  or use our FREEPHONE 0808 802 0025 and we can help give advice and support on your rights, you can report bullying and  hate crime to us or we can find you someone locally who will help you with accommodation, education, planning, getting support and help if you need it  – just get in touch.

For more on our history keep reading:

Travelling Ahead 2010 – 2017

The Travelling Ahead project was hosted at Save the Children since 2010 – it was set up to support young Gypsies and Travellers to have a voice and make sure your rights get respected –  we are also developing our links with young Roma from EU countries settled in Wales so that they can be involved in the project as well.

Over the last six years we have worked with the Traveller Education Services and Youth Services in 14 Welsh Local Authorities to set up Gypsy and Traveller youth forums, where young people met with key decision makers to discuss issues that affect them – we now run three Regional Forums across Wales that support young people’s activities – have a look here for one in your area of Wales

Our National Forum has  been running for five years now – have a look at our National Forums page for more information and see what happens at the only national event for young Gypsies. Roma and Travellers to meet together and work on issues that are important to them

We also work with Local Forums where we can and on projects that you have told us are the most important like our Tackling Hate Crime  and Education Project